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eWorkLife is an interdisciplinary research team established by Professor Anna L Cox that includes researchers based in the UCL Interaction Centre and Department of Anthropology at UCL, the School of Computer Sciences at the University of Birmingham, and the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Northumbria University.

Professor Anna L Cox

Prof Anna L. Cox is a Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and Vice Dean (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences. She uses theories and methods from social science to study digital technology use in order to help people be happier, healthier and more productive.  View publications here


Yoana Ahmetoglu
Ms Yoana Ahmetoglu

Yoana Ahmetoglu is a PhD candidate at UCLIC. Her research explores the challenges in planning knowledge work and the digital tools that can support this activity. View publications here

Ms Clare Casson
Ms Clare Casson

Clare Casson is the Communications and Impacts manager on the GetAMoveOn Network+

Photo of David Cook
Mr David Cook

Dave Cook is a PhD Candidate at UCL, Department of Anthropology. His research explores the lives of digital nomads. View publications here

Photo of Laura Lascau
Ms Laura Lascau

Laura Lascau is a PhD candidate at UCLIC. Her research investigates multitasking and work-life balance of crowdworkers on the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform. View publications here

Photo of Anna Rudnicka
Dr Anna Rudnicka

Dr. Anna Rudnicka is a Research Fellow at the UCL Interaction Centre. Her research interests include citizen science, data disclosure, privacy and data-driven ethics. View publications here

Nora Ptakauskaite
Ms Nora Ptakauskaite

Nora Ptakauskaite is a PhD candidate at UCLIC. Her research focuses on the use of chatbots to support reflection on personal informatics data to support behaviour change and wellbeing. View publications here

Shiping Chen
Ms Shiping Chen

Shiping Chen is a PhD candidate at UCLIC. Her research investigates the role of technology in improving the productivity of academic reviews.

Elahi Hossain
Mr Elahi Hossain

Elahi Hossain is a PhD candidate at UCLIC. His research investigates digital emotion regulation in adolescents.

University of Birmingham

Photo of Sandy Gould
Dr Sandy Gould

Dr Sandy Gould is a Lecturer in HCI at the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham. He is interested in how the ways of digital working are changing the essential structure of work. View publications here

Northumbria University

Photo of Marta Cecchinato
Dr Marta Cecchinato

Dr Marta E. Cecchinato is a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University, working in human-computer interaction (HCI). Her research focuses on understanding the impact of communication technologies on work-life balance. View publications here

Photo of Joe Newbold
Dr Joe Newbold

Dr. Joseph W. Newbold is a Lecturer in Computer and Information Sciences at Northumbria University. His research explores the use of sonifications in musical displays to modify body behaviour. View publications here