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The eWorkLife podcast series offers long-form conversations with academics and thought leaders, on how technology can help and hinder us in managing our work and wellbeing. You can explore the conversations below. These tell personal stories of career journeys that demonstrate a common theme of just how unplanned an academic career often is, including failures, as well as successes. My guests describe the roots of their research interests, how these have evolved and what inspires their work today. We also explore the insights they have gained into the design and use of technology, both to gather data and create interventions, and give practical hints and tips about how we can take control of our digital technology to thrive.

You can find us on Soundcloud, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Episode 1 – eWorkLife Teaser 15 April 2021

eWorkLife: work, life and wellbeing Continue reading

Paulina Bondaronik

Episode 2 – Paulina Bondaronek – 21st April 2021

There are over 300,000 health apps available so why aren’t we all much fitter? Prof Anna Cox in conversation with Dr Paulina Bondaronek. Continue reading