eWorkLife is an interdisciplinary research team of experts exploring the use of digital technology in work, life, and wellbeing. Established by Professor Anna L Cox, the team includes researchers based in the UCL Interaction Centre at UCL and is collaborating with colleagues at Cardiff University, UC Irvine, Northumbria University, University of Melbourne, and Trinity College Dublin.

eWorklife Radio

Try our app to see whether music can help you focus on work and take regular microbreaks. All you have to do to take part is register to use the app and use it while working, for as long as you wish. Read about how we developed the app and our FAQ. Click the button below.

Advice for remote workers

Building on a decade of our research into how to best manage our digital devices to support both the work and non-work parts of our lives, we provide you with evidence-based strategies to support remote working. Complete our questionnaire and we’ll suggest some strategies to help you stay productive while working from home. Click the button below.